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Blockhouse Games OY

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What information do we collect and how do we process it? ? . The purpose of processing personal information contained in the Customer Registry is to manage customer relationships and tasks related to Blockhouse Games' business, to provide and communicate Blockhouse Games services and products, and to certify, maintain and develop customer relationships and the quality of existing and future Blockhouse Games services and products. Such information can only be provided by the customer, the company has a duty to ensure that the information is protected. You cannot order any from the online store without providing the personal information listed below:

  • Basic information (such as names, phone number, email, home address, and / or other unique identifier) ​​
  • Payment and billing information (such as payments, payment information)
  • Necessary information on the use of online and mobile services, information provided by the data subject about interests, cookies and information related to their use, and user profiles created on the basis of information processed in connection with the Customer Register
  • any other data collected with the consent of the data subject

Who processes my personal information?

Blockhouse Games staff have access to the system and use the information as permitted. We provide information to carefully selected third-party systems for marketing and analytics purposes.

Personal information is processed by:

  • Our company and its employees
  • A payment intermediary who receives a payment from you
  • The shipping company that will ship the goods to you
  • An IT company that maintains our website
  • Our Marketing Partners (Facebook, Google, Smile IO)

Data transfer outside the EU or EEA

Customer register data may be transferred outside the territory of the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area if this is necessary for the purposes of the processing of personal data described above or for the technical implementation of the processing (such as using servers outside the EU). In this case, the transfer of data complies with the requirements of the Personal Data Act.

Data Retention

We are required by law to retain data for up to seven years

Customer Rights The data subject has the right under the Personal Data Act to prohibit the processing and disclosure of data concerning him for direct advertising, distance selling and direct marketing, as well as market and opinion research. The right of prohibition does not apply to customer communications and other communications in connection with the provision of services. The data subject has the right under the Personal Data Act to require Blockhouse Games to correct, delete or supplement the information in the register. The data subject is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when entering the information in the register.

Registry Security

Personal data in electronic form is protected by industry-accepted and reasonable technical means, such as firewalls and passwords.


A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a user's terminal. Cookies contain a unique identifier that allows users to be identified.

We use cookies to implement the services and to facilitate the use of the services. You cannot be identified by cookies alone. Cookies and the information collected through them are also used to analyze the availability and use of the online service, improve security, monitor usage and improve the service.

Cookies and the information obtained from them can also be used to generate targeted communication, advertising and content we may advertise products you have previously viewed and other related products on our partner websites), website development, and measuring and optimizing your marketing efforts.

You may consent to the use of cookies or opt out of your browser settings.